Author: Sidney 'Clawfist' Rauchberger

UT – Beatitude

An ancient temple with plenty of water-pooled areas and wood bridges. It has five areas of interest: the Center, the Red tuberoom, the Blue tuberoom, the Red base and the Blue base. Be aware, though, if you depend on string locations in order to navigate, you might be for a nasty surprise. (See Trivia)

The central area has two ledges at the very top for mid-area snipers, a middle level with two lateral (north and south) platforms with weapons, and the lower level, minimally filled with water, with a hidden area holding an item. This area is connected with both tuberooms by way of an upper entrance and two lower entrances.

Each tuberoom is a big room connecting the central area with both bases. There’s only one connection with the base, by way of the eponymous “|-” shaped tube. It also has several wood passages connecting the three entrances.

Finally, the bases themselves have several levels, exploiting the verticality of the level and giving attackers several routes to escape with the flag, in lieu of the tube bottleneck. The top level holds a platform with a powerup and a weapon. The next level has the flag itself, a chamber, and several weapons. The next-to-last level has a weapon and some health, and the bottomest floor has water and a pair of weapons.